Big Love: Triple the Wives, Triple the Lies

big_love_narrowweb__300x4000.jpg What man wouldn’t want to wake up to three women in robes standing over him? A man with three toe-tapping wives, that’s who. Though this week’s Big Love was packed full of scandal, drama, and even blood, the genius humor of the show was still shining through. Big Love does a great job of doing justice to the realities of what having three wives would really be like for a man, polygamist beliefs aside.

This turns into great humorous moments like the intro of the episode in which the three wives are indeed standing over Bill… as he wakes up in the basement where he spent the night working instead of with Nicki on her designated night with him. Triple the wives, triple the trouble for the negligent husband!

But, though there was still some humor scattered throughout the episode, it was mostly drama as the wives schemed to figure out why Bill needed scheduled nights off from all three wives, why certain “marital” activities were happening with some and not others of them, and what it was Bill was really up to. Plus Barb and Bill had to deal with their son, Ben, having some premarital issues of his own, as well as Bill realizing very quickly he was in way over his head in his new side-business.

I thought Roman and his gang could be threatening when they wanted something, but it turns out Roman’s a kitten compared to the Greens who have some not-so-pretty crimes under their belts. While I was sitting on the edge of my seat terrified of what the Greens were going to do if they showed up at Bill’s homes, Bill worked with the ATF where he discovered how terrible the Greens were and when the Greens in turn get raided, Bill and his family are safe… for now anyway.

We’re left all over the map of disaster and reconciliation as Bill and Barb make up, Roman is shot three times as he walks out of a diner, and Bill brings Ben into the male priesthood in a basement ceremony after Ben’s failed attempt to make having sex with his girlfriend moral by getting married. The dangers of showing and having “unusual” beliefs are left more than clear as Barb questions her choice of polygamy for herself and what this means for her children, the head of the compound has possibly died for his business dealings within those beliefs, and a sixteen-year-old discovers the complexity of sex and marriage not only for anyone, but especially for those in a polygamist lifestyle.

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