The Emmys: New Shows Steal the Spotlight

While the Emmys have not always given much recognition to new shows, this year they’re getting up to speed and giving nominations where they’re due to great “younger” shows like Ugly Betty and Heroes. Unfortunately, though, other shows expected to be in the running were ignored including the extremely popular shows Lost, Friday Night Lights, and Desperate Housewives. Personally, I’m thrilled to see shows like Heroes and Ugly Betty being nominated, but it’s interesting that Grey’s Anatomy and House made the list but not these others like Lost that have all been running for 3 seasons.

Maybe it’s past wins for Lost and Desperate Housewives that left them hanging this year since perhaps they’ve had their glory. Or maybe, as some fans would say these shows have slipped with their strength of plot in the last season, perhaps the Emmy nominations share this feeling with viewers. Desperate Housewives will be represented by Felicity Huffman‘s nomination for Best Actress in the Comedy category, so maybe it is the plot that made the show suffer while the acting did not.

Huffman will have stiff competition, though with Ugly Betty’s star America Ferrera since she’s already standing out as a favorite for awards this year with her win for best TV actress at the 22nd Annual Imagen Awards as well as receiving the Imagen Foundation’s Creative Achievement Award (“Ugly Betty,’ ‘Crossing Jordan’ Win At Imagen Awards”).

Check out which of your favorite shows have been nominated and those that have been robbed of their deserving glory: Emmys 2007.

“Ugly Betty,’ ‘Crossing Jordan’ Win At Imagen Award.” Access Hollywood. 29 Jul 2007.


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