Top Chef Reunion: Hot and Bothered

padma_lakshmi_top_chef.jpg Top Chef took a little break from the Season 3 kitchen drama this week to have a hodgepodge reunion of various contestants from Seasons 1 and 2 as well as those voted off so far on Season 3. Overall, it was pretty much an ode to host Padma‘s hotness, some behind the scenes dirt on the contestants, a few updates about where they are now, and a couple of odd questions from viewers to stir up more drama.

While the reunion seemed a bit awkward with some contestants still doing a bit of arguing over their eliminations and putting the judges on the defense, the video clips shown throughout the reunion made it worth watching (and of course the chance to catch up on amazing past contestants like Mikey and Sam from Season 2)! As far as the video clips, they actually did an entire montage to show Padma’s hotness and “scantily clad” moments after one viewer’s comment was that he/she was surprised Padma never got burned in the kitchen with her lack of clothing. Padma kind of laughed it off and said she would continue to dress as she liked after the comment from Chef Tom Colicchio that she wasn’t there to cook anyway.

The best videos, though, were “Top Chef Top Fights” and Season 2’s drunken reenactment of a quick fire challenge and judgment with Elia playing Padma. This included her tossing around someone’s rubbery egg, flipping her hands around a lot, and generally being snotty and hilariously right on. I think Sam was supposed to be Tom, but all he could do was laugh throughout the mini-drama at Elia and the other contestants’ dramatic moves and poses. It turns out even Marcel can be funny as he over-dramatically dashed around the kitchen, elegantly smeared ketchup and mustard on a plate and stood looking very involved and on edge at the fake elimination… who knew – he actually has a fun non-offensive side!

As for the top fights, the greatest part was that Seasons 1 and 3 included various pairs of people who’d gotten into arguments, but every one of Season 2’s fights included Marcel… so while he was able to joke around with his fellow contestants once in a while, his role was otherwise the annoyer of every single person he was around.

Next week Top Chef will return with a new episode for Season 3 now that we’ve settled all of that, so back to the fresh drama hopefully up for creating some more very memorable Top Chef moments!

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1 Response to “Top Chef Reunion: Hot and Bothered”

  1. 1 Jill from Western Australia July 27, 2007 at 10:30 pm

    Pirate Master got the chop {mid season…disgracefull}…unless Top Chef gets rid of “Pot smokin Padma” the show is destined for the chop as well!…Padma is “Eye-Candy” for the “blokes”…NOT GOOD ENOUGH…I want to watch a COOKING SHOW!
    {not a “coy” sex show”}…let’s see chefs like Harold who had integrity, not like the “mamby pamby” Ilan and Marceau…get your act together, give your viewers “true cooking”….{If you hadn’t noticed…I dislike Padma}.

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