Emmy Nom for Kathy as D-List Wraps Season

I’ll admit I got a little misty this week as My Life on the D-List came to a close, especially with the touching tribute Kathy made to her father while she was traveling in Ireland.

Although the end of the ep was sad and serious, the 40-some minutes leading up to it were hilarious as usual.

In an attempt to be labeled “the red-headed Oprah,” Kathy hit the streets and doled out hundreds (that’s dollars, people) to women she didn’t know, some of whom refused the gesture, and some of whom weeped at her kindness.

When Star Magazine sent a reporter out to cover the story, the ditzy reported thought Kathy was actually that other Kathy (Lee Gifford). When the reporter took photos on a disposable camera, I had to think/hope the whole thing was a joke, because no reported could be that dense…

In yet another dating fiasco, Kathy was set up with Andrew W. K., some weird former rocker and current motivational speaker that I’d never heard of, and neither had she.

Needless to say, there was no love connection, and since even the paparazzi didn’t care about the date, Kathy cut the night short. 

Kathy also received an Irish American award and stalked Hillary Clinton at the awards ceremony. “I creeped myself out tonight trying to get a picture with Hillary Clinton,” Kathy said after the event.

Capping off the season finale was a trip to Ireland, where Kathy and her team bought a bar full of Griffins a pint each and toasted her father. The next day, Kathy and crew went to a beautiful hilltop in a scenic park and spread her father’s ashes.

I can only hope that after yet another season of laughter (and tears), Kathy will get the Emmy she deserves. And if not, I’m sure she’ll tell everybody to suck it.


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