Big Love: The Mother-Thief

1981_nicki175.jpgWhile it’s been clear since the beginning of Big Love that the Henricksons are hiding their family and ways from the community in general, the complications of dealing with it with the family they had before they entered this one has developed into quite a problem for all of the wives.

It seemed as if Nicki had it the easiest with her parents and family still living on the compound so not only accepting of her choice to be a polygamist, but they would have been been against her decision if she didn’t.

Her main problem has been dealing with the fact that her husband left the compound and isn’t fully committed to everything the compound believes and wants. And this, despite her own general agreement with their beliefs, tore Nicki and her mother apart. Nicki’s involvement with Rhonda leaving the compound when Rhonda was supposed to be with Nicki’s father, Roman, led her mother not only to anger but to actually disowning Nicki.

Now with this pain and disconnection from her own mother, Nicki happily swooped right in when Margie‘s mother, who didn’t know Margie’s marriage included more partners than Bill, decided to finally visit. Though Margie didn’t want her mother to know about them yet, when her mother told Nicki she saw Bill and Barb kissing, Nicki didn’t politely tell her to talk to her daughter about it, but burst out that they were polygamists. Then she moved in on Margie’s mother as a comfort though Margie’s mother wasn’t speaking to Margie about her decisions and family. What a sweet “sister” to have.

Despite all the trouble, Margie was left with a feeling of happiness about her choices at the conclusion of the episode as she realized her life was full of family, support, and love while her mother’s was far from it. As her mother showed off her drunken and unmotherly ways off to Margie’s new family, it became clear why Margie found comfort in this very different style of family that seems to give her all she missed out on throughout the rest of her life. Unfortunately Barb seems to be feeling less and less positive about the goodness of their family, though, so the rocky road of this season looks to be leading up to a possible avalanche if they don’t watch out!

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