Hell’s Kitchen: Free Ride down Ramsay Rainbow

ramsay.jpg While Josh hit the curb with a thud outside of Hell’s Kitchen, Julia got to slide out more gently, though still with plenty of disappointment, on a free ride to culinary school. That Ramsay has a bit of a soft underbelly after all. As he said himself as he offered Julia his very generous parting gift, he’s never done anything like it before, so clearly Julia made quite an impression. I’m sure she’ll get a little bit of favoritism at school with Papa Ramsay signing the checks.

It’s too bad Julia didn’t get to stick around longer for the shot at her own restaurant, but I’m sure either she’ll come back to Hell’s Kitchen and fly right through to the end or she’ll just start her own restaurant once her talents are topped off with culinary training.

I just hope Ramsay wasn’t told to keep Rock around for the sake of the drama he was causing in the kitchen, but his temper aside, he has done very well. With it down to the final three: Jen, Bonnie, and Rock, tensions are going to do nothing but skyrocket. Hopefully Rock can keep his cool and not totally blow his chances, Bonnie can truly measure up to the other two with more culinary training, and Jen can keep on keepin’ on with her great consistency, but not with her attitude towards those getting in her way in the kitchen!

My hopes had shifted mostly to Julia for the winner, so with her gone, I suppose I’ll stick with Bonnie as my next favorite. As for a prediction of who will actually win, I’d go with Jen because of her skills and ability to keep cool under pressure plus manage a kitchen reasonably well, which I’m sure would go very well if she weren’t attempting to keep her fellow competitors in line opposed to a normally helpful kitchen team.

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Photo courtesy of Chicago Reader: The Food Chain


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