Top Chef: A Little Friendly Competition


It seemed as if when Howie and Joey settled their differences and became friends, they’d be boring, but that’s not the case! They’re now bosom buddies who can do nothing but love each other and praise each other’s food – man-love friendships are almost as good as watching a couple of guys who love food yell about it!

While Howie and his BFF Joey got to be in the top two together for the elimination challenge this week where they got to happily brag about each other’s dishes. Unfortunately though, the new BFFs of the ladies, Casey and Lia, both had to try to prove themselves in the bottom group and then say goodbye when Lia was told to pack her knives.

While last season on Top Chef more enemies were made than friends as everyone freely voiced their dislike of Marcel and Cliff was even kicked out for a prank he played on Marcel, this season looks like much more positive bonds are being formed.

This is nice, but also hopefully a recipe for disaster later as the competition is forced to a more cut-throat level! I would most like to see Hung go before making friends turn against each other. We’ll see if the cocky chef of this season will see things through until the end like Marcel last year or if Hung’s attitude, dangerous kitchen habits, and continually less favored dishes get him axed sooner rather than later!

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Watch Lia’s exit interview now:
Lia At a Loss (Part 1)
Lia at a Loss (Part 2)
Lia at a Loss (Part 3)

Photo courtesy of Buddy TV


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