Big Love: Flirting with Disaster

While the first season of Big Love pulled in viewers by creating such a loving and relatable family, so far season two has been an interesting combination of alienating viewers from the polygamist life of the characters as we realize how “odd” it is to us, and pulling viewers in even more as we feel defensive of our dear characters against the cruel world that doesn’t understand them.

As Bill began to have feelings for a waitress he met and then began seeing her, I felt protective of Bill’s feelings as well as his wives’ feelings since he was sneaking around, yet also I felt terrible knowing this would only break the very sweet waitress, Ana’s, heart since things couldn’t possibly work out. It was interesting to relate most to Ana since most viewers of this show are not polygamists and could be out there in the dating world just like her. Any woman would be shocked to discover the man she was dating was not only married, but married to three women! Yet, while feeling this discomfort with how odd I would find it as Ana, I also was worried for this to cause more trouble for the family if Bill or Margie told her the truth.

But, as it turned out, Ana was very accepting of Margie when she decided to blurt out that she was a polygamist. This of course thrilled Margie since she loved being friends with Ana and was completely convinced that Ana could be a wonderful fourth wife.

Of course, as suspected, Bill realized the Serbian waitress was not going to end up making them one big happy family and he broke things off. This broke Margie’s heart even more than Bill’s. Perhaps this storyline is over, or perhaps we’ll be seeing more of Ana later considering neither her new boyfriend or new friend really said goodbye.

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