Hell’s Kitchen: Another Chef Bites the Dust

It’s hard to say if this week’s Hell’s Kitchen showed Jen‘s true colors or just her colors under pressure. She’s been friendly though a little uppity about her knowledge so far this season, but this week her annoyance with her teammates was at an all-time high. She was snapping at Bonnie, telling the team’s sous chef that she wasn’t there to make friends, and pushing all of Julia’s ideas off the table for their group menu. Luckily for Julia and the customers that night, Chef Ramsay told the red team to put Julia’s steak on the menu and it became their most popular item. One point more point for Julia!

I started out rooting for both Bonnie and Julia as they were both underdogs, but talented with lots of potential, but I wonder if they could actually win since they don’t have much training. Since Ramsay chose Brad to go over Bonnie, though, it looks like he’s not just looking for the chef with the best training, so they could still have a chance if they show great leadership in the kitchen and continue to improve with their cooking.

I’ll keep rooting for them since they’re proving to be more than the nanny and Waffle House cook they keep reminding us they are, and also because there’s no one left who’s very likable. Hell’s Kitchen must pull in the tough-skinned and less friendly contestants since I guess they’re the only ones who can handle Ramsay’s heat!

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Missed this episode or want to watch it again?: Episode 7


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