Big Love: Tasty Pies and Straying Eyes

Bill and his brother Joey seem to be far from two of a kind! While Bill has taken on three wives and is now eyeing a Serbian waitress (why exactly does he think she’d be into a guy with three wives?), Joey’s dragging his feet pretty hard about even considering a second wife. Then again, I guess when your mother commits your wife to a psychiatric hospital behind your back, you wouldn’t exactly be jumping to make her happy by getting together with the woman she’s pushing on you.

Now Bill is straying not only to a new “sinful” business of video gambling machines, but also to a new woman who he takes his wedding ring off to flirt with. And Joey, on the other hand, has Barb falling over herself to help him… is there a possibility here for a little Joey and Barb love? They seem to be pretty close and he does need a woman’s support right now… hm! Of course Barb loves her husband and family, but she was considering leaving at the beginning of this season after being revealed.

Perhaps a scandal for Barb, or perhaps she’ll be too busy dealing with Sarah’s scandal that looks to be coming soon with the preview of her crying coming to her mom. I’m putting my bets on that relating to her jumping into a relationship with an older guy and moving a little too fast… but you never know where the previews are really going to lead.

There’s plenty to look forward to with all the drama in the air- especially as Margie got a little slice of pie-and-spy as she stopped by the diner to check out the waitress she spotted Bill flirting with!

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