Hell’s Kitchen: Bubble, Bubble, Toil, and Trouble

Finally a quality flip-out by Rock! What’s a reality show without those crazy flip-out moments… especially one where someone is yelling in their faces constantly? I’m shocked there have not been more contestants freaking out, but I guess they really want to do well. Boring. Rock can flip out and do well: mission accomplished for him and reality TV.

Rock has generally kept his cool when it comes to interacting with Chef Ramsay, so he’s kept his spot pretty solid in Hell’s Kitchen. Once the punishments for losing come on though, Rock is one angry man. He was upset a few episodes earlier when the guys were made to eat all sorts of gross foods when they lost the taste-test challenge, but this week’s garbage sorting duties put him over the top. Something about being a chef, not a garbage man… ridiculous stuff (to Ramsay anyway).

As for our other drama queen of the show, Melissa, was finally let go after getting a second chance last episode. While this was predictable, Ramsay jarred us a little with a tease of letting one, maybe even two, more of the blue team go. After a dramatic moment, though, Ramsay told both Josh and Brad to step back in line instead of out the door.

We’ll have at least one more week with both teams still intact enough to compete against each other, so it should be interesting to see how things go if they eliminate teams soon!

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