Age of Love: It’s Raining Kittens – Hallelujah?

There sure is something about Mary… keep at least 25 feet away or you’ll drown in her tears! This would be much more cruel to say if she was actually invested in the situation and the man involved here, but she’s spoken about 10 words to Mark so far.

Otherwise, she’s saying plenty to the camera, and all of it while she’s crying. Again. And again. And again… but, to be fair, sometimes not. Like when she’s telling us she’s trying not to break down or when she’s refusing to sit in the corner and cry… because she’s been crying all day. I’m sure she’s a sweet girl, but god forbid she sticks around long enough to have feelings for Mark. The other ladies may need to invest in umbrellas.

But enough joking at Mary’s expense. The women who have actually spent time with Mark are getting very intriguing as well. After Amanda got her first kiss with Mark last week, she’s been a smitten kitten. And perhaps a bit catty as well. Not only has she made pained and annoyed faces when any other woman gets to be with Mark, but she actually said to Mark when he kissed her that all she could think of was Kelli kissing him.

Hopefully she learned her lesson though about bringing up the other women since her fellow 20s lady, Tessa, was eliminated for talking about Amanda on Tessa and Mark’s date that was supposed to be incredibly romantic.

So, now that Mark’s lips have been around to every woman but Mary and Megan, the ladies are sharpening their claws and stepping up their game. Watch out Mark, this cat fight isn’t going to be pretty!

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1 Response to “Age of Love: It’s Raining Kittens – Hallelujah?”

  1. 1 RM July 14, 2007 at 2:00 pm

    Mary has a tendency to act like a crybaby. I find it hard to believe that she is in her twenties. She does not strike me as a very mature person.

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