Age of Love: Kiss and Tell

They’re young, but they’re not much fun. The 20s on Age of Love are probably plenty of fun doing things they’re comfortable with, but when it came to running around at a kid’s party, only a few girls stepped up.

Maybe they were too busy being insulted that the 40s sent them to be with kids as a joke about playing with their own age, but the 20s were a little meaner in sending the 40s to an old ladies’ water aerobics class… and dumber too! These 40s are in shape, fun, and still hot in bikinis, so the 20s didn’t exactly shame the women or make them unattractive.

I’m starting to like the 20s more than before though as they’re getting more individual time with the camera (and Mark). As people of any age will do, women or men, they were falling into following the group with meanness towards the 40s, and sounding younger and dumber than they really are as they gossiped and played along with the group.

While both groups are doing plenty of trash talking, barely any of the women are actually cruel about each other when on their own. They’re basically just competitive and picking on the other group more than their own. As the numbers dwindle, though, it’ll certainly be every woman for herself!

Mark got a bit of a reality check this week when he almost lost Maria to her feeling like they didn’t have a connection, so we’ll see how he steps it up (as the previews definitely promised including lots of kissing around) in the coming weeks. Mark’s kissing and telling, so look out ladies!

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