Sex and the City’s Coming to the Big Screen!

Three years after the series finale, the ladies of Sex and the City will be reunited for the movie! It had looked like a lost cause back when the HBO series ended in 2004 with one of the fearsome foursome, Kim Cattrall, not on board for the movie. It was rumored in the last few seasons of the show that the stars got along very well with each other except for Kim Cattrall.

images.jpgWhile this may or may not have had something to do with the complications of getting the movie going, money certainly did: “In 2005, when the other three actresses were all locked in to the project, Cattrall reportedly held out for a payday on par with Parker’s, whose salary was greater than her costars due to her added role as executive producer” (Serpe). Cattrall claimed in June 2007 that she had thought they would do the movie without her, so she didn’t feel she’d be holding back the entire production (Miller).

Apparently it just took her three years to come around! (Though I’m sure there were plenty of other negotiations to deal with.) According to, the movie is set to begin filming in mid-September and will definitely include the four main characters, Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon, Kristin Davis, and Kim Cattrall. There are not yet any confirmations of the leading ladies’ leading men signing on for the film or any of the other cast members.

Of course, though the foursome is certainly the key ingredient to the film, what would it be after the conclusion of the show if there wasn’t more included about their developed relationships? We were left with Charolette married to Harry and trying to adopt, Miranda married to Steve with a kid, a dog, and a house in Brooklyn, Carrie and Big finally (FINALLY) getting together, and Samantha kicking cancer’s butt and actually in a relationship with the not-so-shabby Smith Jerrod.

Now, with all of that wrapped up so well for all of the women, though I am a huge Sex and the City fan, I was actually glad when they’d chosen not to make a movie. It felt as if things had been concluded so well and there wasn’t a need for anymore storyline. It seemed as if a movie would just be to profit on the huge popularity and success of the show. While I can’t blame them for wanting to keep going with a good thing, shows usually end because the “good thing” is going to run a little too thin if they attempt to continue it for a season or two longer. So, though the show went out on a high note, it was in their best interest to do exactly that and end so well.

While I can’t help but be skeptical about the possibilities of such a beloved show turning a bit sour with a bad movie, I’ll trust that the Sex and the City ladies know what their doing and will only make the story come back alive and give us more of their wonderful characters, wit, and perfect balance of drama and humor.

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