Top Chef: The Meatloaf Stands Alone.

While Hung and Micah were busy insulting Americans’ food choices on this week’s Top Chef, Hung continued to be cocky though a bit less successful, and Micah’s attitude of “ugh” to American comfort foods cost her the chance of being America’s Top Chef.

Nobody’s saying Americans make good food choices, in fact it’s been stated many times in many ways how awful many “American” dishes are, but still Micah sure insulted the judges with her dissing of Americans’ love of ketchup on meatloaf and her statements looking at the original meatloaf that she thought it was something she would never, ever eat.

So, while her comments were a bit insulting to Americans and the judges, it seemed as if this South African-raised chef was eliminated for her attitude and her dish being overall unimpressive to the judges, warranting a actual “yuck” from the guest judge, Alfred Portale.

On a positive note, though, Howie finally ended up on top with his pork chops and apple sauce. Howie proved he was indeed the man to Brian as Brian wasn’t even on the map in this immunity challenge with Howie’s “apple sauce is for babies” approach.

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1 Response to “Top Chef: The Meatloaf Stands Alone.”

  1. 1 Chris July 8, 2007 at 3:31 pm

    Snobby food people really bug me and Micah and Hung REALLY irritated me this week. They acted as if we eat this stuff and like it we are somehow below them. Also, Americans like a lot of this food, but most of it either originated from other countries or was inspired by cuisine from other countries. Obviously, Micah hasn’t been in this country long enough to realize that.

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