Big Love: So Many Crimes, So Little Time

Things certainly have gotten more complicated on Big Love as its 2nd season has started out… not that things were exactly simple in Season 1. But now all of the consequences of all the dramatic actions taken in the 1st season are hitting hard.

Bill‘s brother is in jail for covering for his wife who’s the truly guilty one of poisoning Alby, the Henricksons’ outing of polygamy is getting more and more serious, Nicki is finally seeing the gravity of what her father will do even when her own safety is in his path, and the police are on the way to investigate the deal-making going on between Bill and Roman. Never mind that Bill and Barb‘s son Ben is having sex and trying to pledge to live “straight edge” against polygamy.

With all of this going on, the rest of Season 2 may have to be relocated entirely to jail cells! It looks like Bill may avoid jail for his wheelings and dealings for now, but he was looking rather hungry when he was playing around with the poker machine. There will be plenty of trouble to come, jail or no jail, if things keep going as they are!

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