Hell’s Kitchen: Just a Spoonful of Ramsay…

The entire time I was watching this week’s episode of Hell’s Kitchen, I was wondering when Bonnie was going to cry already! I’m not wishing breakdowns upon poor innocent people, but Chef Ramsay moved beyond his normal harshness with Bonnie to making her truly believe he hated her. He continually called her a dumb blond, asked her if he needed “nannify” what he was saying, dumb everything down to nanny-speed, and plenty more which made me wonder when all this would make her lose it.

Bonnie told others, including the camera in the confession room, that she thought Ramsay hated her, but when it came to him being in her face in the kitchen, she kept her cool. She didn’t fight back against his comments, and she didn’t break down. Until the very end, that is. Whoops. Looks like once the heat of it all simmered down at the end of the night, Bonnie let herself go proclaiming to some of the other women that she was not cut out to be there.

Lucky for her (in case the women decided to be cut-throat and get her out while she was weak) the men lost the challenge for the evening, so the male most hated by Ramsay, Vinnie, was let go. The poor guy admitted to having nightmares about the Chef after Ramsay had yelled at him and thrown food at him in the previous episode, so perhaps it was a good time for Vinnie to go before any real psychological damage was done!

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