Age of Love: So Much for the Roaring Twenties

The 20s have arrived on Age of Love to shake things up, but haven’t caused much more than a little stir so far. Mark sure was surprised and having a hard time keeping his eyes in the right place when he met the women, but when it came to getting to know them, he admitted very quickly to missing the 40s!

Perhaps it was the dead silence in the hot tub with all the 20s or the girl who told him she had the same personality as her dog, but he was not very impressed. Being a guy who clearly works hard and has big ambitions, he wants a woman who knows what she wants and goes after it. He realized that this was not the 20s while the 40s blew him away with what they wanted and had in their lives.

But later on his group date with the 40s, he realized what else many of the 40s had in their lives: children his age! Somehow the thought of, “she could be my mother,” really creeped him out.

Despite all his realizations throughout the show including that being in a hot tub with six hot women was not as great as he imagined, Mark told all the ladies at elimination that age was not important to him, so we’ll see if that turns out to be true!

If you want to check out what going on in Mark’s head under all that gorgeous wavy hair, check out Mark’s Blog on iVillage!

Also, come put your 2 cents in about Age of Love on the SideReel forum!


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