Sad Day for D-List, Griffin

KG and parentsSomewhere in between corporate gigs and celebrity jokes, Kathy Griffin had to deal with the death of her dad, John, in a very public way.

The saying “the show must go on” certainly applied this past week, when Griffin lost her father while she was in flight to Miami for Rosie O’Donnell’s cruise gig. At 90 years old, John suffered congestive heart failure and died before he could get another heart bypass.

Griffin would be part of the sandwhich generation were it not for her outspoken lack of fondness for kids (I hear ya, Kathy!) and public statements along the lines of “I don’t care for children and I don’t want to get to know yours.”

Griffin’s parents have always been an integral part of “My Life on the D-List,” serving as part soundingboards, part cheerleaders and occassional punchlines (especially their fondness for cheap wine and swearing) all in good fun.

In the middle of all of this, Griffin had to do a corporate gig in Las Vegas in which the people who booked her asked her not to swear. (Note to all who book Kathy Griffin–she swears, get over it!)

I really admire Griffin for allowing Bravo to continue filming the show despite her personal crisis. All jokes aside, Griffin seems to realize that she is an “everyman/everywoman” celebrity, and thus she’s not afraid to air her life, both good and bad.

She even shared how her father chose to go–they put golf on the TV and took his breathing tube out (he also made the decision so her mom didn’t have to).

This past week, Griffin and the D-List viewers lost a cute, funny, kind and loving man with a great sense of humor. RIP, John Griffin.


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