On The Lot Features Eclectic Mix of Directors

Let me start by saying, for the record, that I watch a LOT of movies. About the only movies I don’t “do” are kid/cartoon flicks.

And, like a lot of movie watchers, I’m highly opinionated about what makes a great film, as well as what, well, doesn’t.

Here’s a hint–among my favorites are Donnie Darko, The Secretary (the one with James Spader, not the cheesy other one), Amelie, Office Space and PCU.

Diverse, I know.

So I was extremely intrigued when FOX debuted On The Lot a few weeks ago, and I have watched every episode since with a mixture of awe and anxiety as director after director gets cut.

This week was no exception.

After losing Marty, five directors debuted their short films, which included Will’s “The Glass Eye” (my favorite of the bunch); Jason’s “Blood Born”; Zach’s “Sunshine Girl”; Mateen’s “Lost” (my second fav, and nothing to do with LOST, fyi); and Jessica’s “The Orchard” (my least favorite).

Each director brought something different to the table, from comedy, to mystery, to family/fantasy, to drama, to horror (although the latter is questionable, since “The Orchard” was hardly interesting, let alone scary).

The judges often outshine the contestants on this show, and how could they not with the likes of veterans Carrie Fisher and Garry Marshall, as well as guests such as this week’s King of Scream, Wes Craven.

In all, On The Lot is a fun ride and a peek into the world of film making that most of us might otherwise never get to see.

Sure, it’s probably not as “real” as reality, but what is these days? After all, almost everything in Hollywood is fake anyway, so this show fits right in.


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