Hell’s Kitchen: Beware of The Ramsay

I’m considering not continuing to watch Hell’s Kitchen because the nightmares and stress Gordon Ramsay brings to even the innocent viewers.

Yet that’s why this show is so irresistible! Top Chef is a great show for its interesting (and often kooky) contestants and always intense challenges, but Chef Tom Colichio is a sweet little kitten compared to the man-eating lion known as Chef Ramsay.

While I can’t help but chuckle at poor Aaron Song‘s many breakdowns and tears in the first three episodes, he did have plenty to cry about with the way Chef Ramsay screams at the chefs, calls them donkeys and morons, and kicks them out of the kitchen.

So far I haven’t been too disappointed with the contestants who’ve left the show (Tiffany, Eddie, and Joanna) because of either their attitudes or lack of ability to handle the heat. I was sad to see Aaron go this week because of health problems, but unfortunately he was too disastrous to stay much longer anyway.

As for now, I’m all about the underdogs, nanny/personal chef Bonnie, and Waffle House cook Julia.

Check out more Hell’s Kitchen on Fox, Mondays at 9/8c.


2 Responses to “Hell’s Kitchen: Beware of The Ramsay”

  1. 1 Chris June 23, 2007 at 12:35 pm

    I love watching both Hell’s Kitchen and Top Chef too. Aaron was really starting to get on my nerves so I’m glad he is gone. I’m just not happy that it took an illness to get him off the show. The guy was just falling apart so I think it is for the best.

    I’m rooting for Julia right now. Gotta go for the underdog. She appears to be a hard worker…studying when they are in the loft. I can’t stand some of those holier than Thou girls.

  2. 2 cheesesteakdude June 26, 2007 at 4:57 pm

    I personally thought that Chef Ramsay took it easy on Aaron. It was obvious that he had no chance of winning but I was sad to see him go just because of the humor he brought to the show.

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