Gay Activists Petition for Isaiah Washington

Grey’s Anatomy is months away from returning to the air yet it’s still making plenty of waves. Since ABC officially fired Isaiah Washington, it seemed the issue was put to rest, but no such luck.

Though Washington was fired mostly because of his offensive comments about T.R. Knight‘s homosexuality, prominent gay and lesbian activists are now speaking out for Washington. Surely an interesting turn of events.

A petition has been started to fight for Washington’s return to Grey’s Anatomy claiming that Washington’s dismissal had more to do with his race than his offensive comments (Johnson).

Washington did what he was asked by apologizing about his comments, going to rehab, and meeting with gay leaders, so Washington and the petitioners believe his dismissal was unfair. He says he is not behind the petition, but appreciates the support (Johnson).

Veronica Mars wasn’t able to be saved by her fans, but maybe a petition from activists claiming ABC is being racist will stir up the pot more than some fans’ Mars candy bars.

Source: Johnson, Richard. “Gays Want Axed Isaiah Back.” New York Post. 19 June 2007.


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