Age of Love: ‘So he’s kinda dreamy.’

Just a bit. Professional tennis player Mark Philippoussis is the stuff that dreams are made of for single women of any age. Now the question is what age will this 30-year-old decide will make his dreams come true?

The premier of Age of Love on NBC proves exactly what I was hoping: this will be the ridiculous, heartbreaking wonder I expected of a reality dating show with a weird hook.

While bachelor Mark learned on Day 1 that age doesn’t really matter when it comes to dating and he could fall for one of the super hot women in their 40s, the “Cougars” (who mostly could easily pass for 20s), at the end of the premier episode, the 20s “Kittens” were introduced. But from the previews of these women, “Kittens” doesn’t fit. They’re much more “Cougar-ish” with their catty-attack mode on much more than the mature women.

We’ll see how things go, though, when the women are put together to compete for the gorgeous man. He’ll have to decide if he can handle the catty young women or all that comes with mature but mostly divorced women with less cattiness but more baggage.

Check out the hotness that is Mark on Age of Love, Mondays on NBC at 9/8c.


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