Age of Love: The Claws are Comin’ Out.

Considering the entertaining fifth season of ABC’s The Bachelor starring NFL quarterback, Jesse Palmer, I can’t wait to see what professional tennis player, Mark Philippoussis has in store for us on NBC‘s Age of Love. While Jesse certainly had a sensitive side, his memory (aka his brain) was missing from time to time such as in the premier episode of the season in which he became the only bachelor to have to pull the host aside to ask for some of the women’s names so he could eliminate them.

I’ve always been impressed, though, with how the bachelors and bachelorettes can remember all the names on the first night, so really Jesse was just a little behind The Bachelor learning curve.

So, with this small history of sports stars turned reality dating show stars, we’ll see how Mark fairs tonight on with his Kittens (women in their 20s) and Cougars (women in their 40s) to see if age really matters when it comes to love. Yes, that’s right. Women are officially cats now. While I’m insulted for these women, I’m hoping as a reality show fan that this means the cattiness will be at a new high for the great “reality” drama most of these dating shows produce!

Check out Mark Philippoussis and Age of Love tonight on NBC 9/8c.


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