Kathy Griffin Does Santa Rosa

Kathy Griffin’s latest standup hour on Bravo channel is “Everbody Can Suck It,” which was filmed at the Wells Fargo Center for the Arts in Santa Rosa, Calif., a repeat of which airs tonight at 8/7c.

You’ve got to love Kathy Griffin. Who else would think she’s being punk’d when she’s invited to a party at Drew Barrymore’s house? And then takes Lance Bass and Reichen Lehmkuhl (of “The Amazing Race” fame) as her gay support posse? And proceeds to get dissed by Lindsay Lohan. Twice.

Who doesn’t love some who can say, “I was raised right. I talk about people behind their backs. It’s called manners,” with a straight face?

Griffin’s latest hour includes a complaint about going to Hollywood’s Club Hyde (on a Tuesday night at 9 p.m.) and buying four drinks (one of them a soda) and having to pay $84. So she says to the bartender, “What’s in the ice—spun gold?” Then she goes back to Club Hyde again, with Bass in tow, and gets politely removed from the Olson twins’ private table.

Griffin says she misses “Being Bobby Brown,” but thinks that there’s not much chance of getting “the diva” Whitney Houston back, not when Courtney Love was at her intervention.

She admits she hates kids because “children are selfish” and that she’s a “fallen Catholic.” She also outs her mom for saying, in regards to Catholic priests, “Oh Kathleen, some of those priests hardly even touched those kids.” And she goes on to say that no one swears or uses the Lord’s name in vain more than Catholics.

At the Emmys, as a joke, when her show, “My Life on the B-List,” didn’t win in its category, Griffin flipped off the entire auditorium and stormed out. Her lawyer called the next morning to ask, “Did you flip off the winners of Extreme Home Makeover and tell everybody to suck your dick?” And when she said yes, he said, “O.K. I gotta make some calls.”

She was also invited on the Today Show–the same day Ann Coulter was on saying stuff about 9/11 widows–and dubbed Coulter “the naughty poster girl of those old conservative dudes.”

Then, when Matt Lauer came around and she was gaga, Griffin got nervous and, as she admits, her mouth got inappropriate and asked him if he was sleeping with Ann. When Lauer was taken aback by the question, she asked it again. And Lauer, being quick on his feet, finally answered, “Not after today.”

From her personal life, to politics, Griffin spares no one in her monologues. And that’s what makes her one of the best in the business, D-list and all.


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