Griffin’s D-List Back, Better Than Ever

Kathy Griffin

From a ride along with a Redken rep, to playing Carnegie Hall in NYC, Kathy Griffin and her show, “My Life on the D-List,” are back on Bravo on Tuesdays at 10/9 c.
Not one to make light of serious circumstances, Griffin teared up when talking about her divorce and the loss of the man she thought was her soul mate.

But after that, it was business as usual, which included lovingly berating her staff and trying to shock anyone within earshot.

The great thing about Griffin is that often, she says the things you wish you could say (if you had the guts).

And don’t even get me started on her parents (apparently her father passed after the season wrapped?), who, in the first ep, went to a gay nightclub for happy hour.

In NYC, after being a guest on the radio show “Wake Up With Whoopi,” Griffin and Whoopi (Goldberg) discussed measuring their vaginas (it was funnier than it now may sound), and the unshockable gays and the unshockable straight people who will be attending Griffin’s Garnegie Hall gig.

I saw Griffin at a show in my neck of the woods, and I can tell you it was worth every penny—even though the seat I was assigned was broken and I ended up sitting in the aisle on a step the whole 1.5-plus hours. Worth. Every. Penny.

Griffin also went on “The View,” which revealed that her new assistant/roommate, Tom, has a huge crush on Kellie Pickler.

Griffin, who is outspoken in her contempt for Star Jones, seemed to have a great time with the girls, particularly Rosie O’Donnell (the show was taped back in January, before Rosie’s much-talked-about recent departure—and who can blame her? If I had been her, I would be in jail right now for assault on the uptight, closed-minded, extremely conservative Elisabeth, who had the world fooled that she was a sweetheart when she was on Survivor years ago, but who apparently was just looking for a way into Hollywood so she could spread Republican propaganda at will.)

During the show, Griffin addressed “the wind-tunnel effect,” or the trend of young Hollywood females to flash their crotches everywhere they go.

As for Griffin’s new requirements for a man, she says she prefers a man who’s been married but is now “estranged and not speaking” to his ex.

On Carnegie Hall day, Griffin went early and stood outside next to her lone poster, while people walked by and one said, “That’s what’s her name…on the B-List.”

At the end of the show, Griffin was in bed, wearing a t-shirt that said, “Ask me about my debut at Garnegie Hall.” If I see you, Griffin, I will!


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