Top Chef: Coming Soon!

Top Chef will be returning to Bravo on June 13th, so prepare your ovens! Or at least your tasty snacks to sit and watch the new batch of chefs cook up deliciousness that’s a little step above your microwave popcorn.

There of course has to be something a little different this season: the chefs are not mostly newbies trying to make it this time. They’re all executive chefs from restaurants in New York City. While they are more experienced chefs than those of past seasons, a little publicity and money to start up their own restaurants is apparently tempting enough for any cook to jump on reality TV (and take a little trip to Miami).

Judge Tom Colicchio assures that though these chefs are more professional, there will still be plenty of drama. He states: “‘When you have the contestants up 18 hours a day, drinking a little too much, and under so much pressure, they definitely lose their tempers here and there'” (Whitney Pastorek, Entertainment Weekly, 49). Well, that’s good to hear. What’s a Top Chef kitchen without a little extra heat?

Reference: Entertainment Weekly (“Summer TV Preview: Top Chef,” June 8, 2007)


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