Lost: Charlie’s Departure

As a huge fan of lovable, humorous, well-meaning ex-crack addict band-member, Charlie, on Lost, I can’t help but hold on to the hope that maybe he was miraculously saved from drowning where we left him in this season’s finale, but since he was pretty clearly sacrificing himself for what he thought would save Claire and his other fellow survivors, it doesn’t seem as if he’ll be returning.

Plus unless Dominic Monaghan who plays Charlie is sworn to secrecy that he’ll be back on the show, he makes it clear in an interview on EW that he has filmed his final Lost episode.

He describes his reaction to the news that his character would be dying as “relief” because with the drawn out storyline of Desmond‘s flashes of different ways Charlie was going to die, Dominic Monaghan (along with his fans) wanted to know what was going to happen. Charlie got a second chance when he dove down to what turned out not to be a flooded station as he had been told, so then he finally got to be a hero after all his failures in his pre-island life.

Dominic was presented with a paddle made for him by the cast and crew as a parting gift and he admits to getting emotional about his departure, but says of his experience, “Hell, I was hung from a tree, I was beaten up, I nearly drowned, I got chased by a polar bear. But it was a great adventure, and that’s all you can ask for not only in work, but in life.”

Resource: Dan Snireson, EW: Sorry, Charlie (Interview with Dominic Monaghan)


3 Responses to “Lost: Charlie’s Departure”

  1. 1 LOSTLUVER August 1, 2007 at 9:08 am

    maybe Charlie will come back like the other dead cast does!!

  2. 2 Kendra August 1, 2007 at 9:28 am

    That would be amazing!

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