The Office Finale

It was sad indeed to see The Office end for the season. What will we do for chuckles and side-splitting laughs on Thursday nights??

‘The Job’ not only had a surprise in for us about who got the job, but a little something for Jim and Pam fans as well. After the disaster of Jan making a scene about getting fired (who was supposed to be newly confident and happy because of her boob job), and Michael so kindly pulling his name out of the running so he wouldn’t be taking his girlfriend’s job, I thought for sure it’d be Karen who got the NY job.

But that would just be too simple with Jim‘s epiphany that he loves Scranton… and by Scranton I mean Pam! Now the question is if Jim told Karen he was abandoning her in New York to go ask out Pam. Hopefully he remembered to break up with her first, but I guess we’ll find out the details next season!

As for the job, I’m sure Ryan will have the time of his life being Michael’s boss! What a great end to the season to have Michael left in an entirely black office, Ryan movin’ on up, and Jim and Pam going out on a date. Oh. And Dwight probably crying himself to sleep for a while. Until next time, Scranton.


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