Grey’s Anatomy Finale

It felt as if in the finale of Grey’s Anatomy that not much happened. Mostly it was concluding storylines that needed to be taken care of and creating a few cliffhangers. I suppose that’s the job of a finale, but usually Grey’s has a little more in store.

I thought Burke and Cristina might actually go through with the wedding, but with Burke leaving, it looks like it’s been made pretty easy for Isaiah Washington to leave the show. Cristina’s exclamation of being free was heartbreaking yet still freeing. It seemed as if she really regretted losing him and realized that too late, but at the same time did want the freedom.

This is probably similarly to the way Meredith will feel about breaking up with Derek, though if they both stay at Seattle Grace next season plus Lexie Grey, I really hope they don’t create a relationship between Derek and Lexie now after she hit on him at Joe’s.

I hope George comes back to the show and has a change of heart about redoing his internship year. It’ll be neat if they get the new interns on the show, as it seems to be the plan since they were shown, and keep most of the cast on as well. There’s still plenty more drama to be had with these characters, so I hope it can continue and be just as great as the 3 season-long year we’ve seen so far!


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