Survivor Fiji: Finale

On the Survivor: Fiji Finale, I, along with many Yau-Man fanatics, gladly took on the anger and frustration that Yau did not let shine through his golden-hearted exterior when his friends voted him out.

I am so disappointed in Earl, Cassandra, and Dreamz, though I didn’t have as much faith in him, for turning on Yau-Man. Yes, it’s a game for a million dollars, but Dreamz I’m sure knew he wasn’t going to win to Earl. Earl did upset people as well, but he never promised them anything and Dreamz promised each one of them something he didn’t fulfill. Including the worst un-kept promise to Yau-Man.

While this seems smart, it’s pretty unfair to everyone around Dreamz as was definitely shown by his choice to betray Yau after promising Yau, God, and his own son that he would be a man of his word. I guess the million just smelled a little too good that close.


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