Desperate Housewives: Finale

On the Desperate Housewives Season Finale, Bree was back and bigger than ever! She’s definitely been missed by the fans and it’s pretty obvious why: the other women can scheme and gossip, but no one does family-scandal cover-up quite like Bree. I thought we’d seen the last of her scandalous cover-ups when she hid the fact that her son, Andrew was the hit-and-run driver who took out Carlos’ mother, but then she went along with covering for her husband, Orsen, when she thought he could be a criminal, and now here she is again: faking a pregnancy for her daughter.

As for the rest of the women, Lynette was unsuccessful in her own family cover-up when her mother showed up and reamed her out for trying to hide her cancer. It turns out there’s much more to Lynette’s life than we imagined as we heard her childhood stories unfold.

Now with Gaby unhappily married to a lying politician and kissing her ex, Susan and Mike happily married, and Edie shockingly hanging herself, we’ll be anxiously waiting this summer for what will be next to unfold!


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